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Nach 25 Jahren hat Mick Hucknall beschlossen, Simply Red nach der Tour 2009 aufzulösen! Das aktuelle Album "Stay" und die aktuelle Single "The World and You Tonight" werden die letzten, erscheinenden Tonträger sein.

Das offizille Statement der Simply Red Homepage

We confirm that the news which you may have read or heard in the past 24 hours is true. ‘Stay’ will be Simply Red’s final studio album and ‘The World and You Tonight’, which is released next Monday, will be Simply Red’s final single. Simply Red will disband after their tour in 2009.

“I’ve kind of decided that 25 years is going to be enough,” Hucknall told the Gold radio network. “I’ve just recorded an album that is a tribute to Bobby Bland, a blues and R&B artist,” he explained. “It’s a solo project and I’ve really enjoyed it – so much that I feel the time has come now to just put a book-end to the Simply Red story.”

Mick added last night “I would like to thank all our fans for their wonderful support since 1984.”

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