I Love Afrodisiac im OIL Club

I Love Afrodisiac! And what about you? Die DJs Met D'Phunk, Shane, El Amin und Lexstradamus werden euch einheizen. Be there @ Oil Club!
Afrodisiac @ Oil am 16.01.2010

It’s back –
…Vienna’s Most International Club!
also known as
…Vienna’s Finest House & R’n’b Party!

Expressions beginning with “I heart…”, based on a literal reading of the logo, have become a truthful way to express one’s affection for something – Hence, I ♥ Afrodisia© .

Reasons why I ♥ Oil:
I ♥ the perfect sound.
I ♥ the beautiful gold.
I ♥ the sparkling black.
I ♥ the seductive bass.
I ♥ the classy ornaments.
♥ the modern notion.

After a long 4 years of successful parties, Afrodisiac has become part of Vienna’s Cosmopolitan Pop Culture!
On Saturday, April 17th @ Oil. – The Club.
As our emotions overtake us, all of us will express our feelings to the following:

I ♥ Afrodisia©
I ♥ The DeeJays:
I ♥ Met’D Phunk
I ♥ Shane
I ♥ El Amin
I ♥ Lexstradamus
I ♥ The Music:
I ♥ Vocal House
I ♥ Upbeat Rhythm & Blues

I ♥ It Live:
I ♥ MCs & The Drums

What about you?

-Tables: 0660-818-93-06
-admission: 12€

Für alle Eraffe.at/wien Mitglieder gibt es ein besonderes Goodie:
du kannst 3×2 Tix auf eraffe.at gewinnen!

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