Jackson Tribute to give Vienna "image boom"

Vienna tourism bosses said next month’s Michael Jackson tribute concert would give the city an "imagine boom comparable to what Euro2008 did for us".
Planungen laufen auf Hochtouren
Jermaine Jackson bei Larry King

Robert Nürnberger of the Vienna Tourism Board said today (Fri) the Austrian capital – one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world – could only benefit from the event, which will take place on 26 September in front of Schönbrunn Palace.

Nürnberger argued planned international live TV coverage would show many beautiful sides of the city but added that the event’s advertising value could not be estimated yet.

Nürnberger stressed Vienna could reach “an audience of millions” by staging the spectacular event, which was initiated by Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson. “This is an unique chance for us. The organisers’ decision to chose Vienna as host city for the concert is world class in my opinion,” he added.

Nürnberger said he could not predict how many people would come to stay in Vienna on the weekend of 26 September, arguing that would depend on how many residents of the city would be among people attending the gig.

He revealed Vienna was a bit lucky since hotels were almost fully booked on the preceding weekends because of several international congresses taking place in the Austrian capital.

Nürnberger stressed some details were yet to be sorted out between Vienna officials and organisers of the show and added everything was being handled “professionally”.

He also announced it had still not been decided where exactly – in Schönbrunn park or on the street side of the Palace – the event would take place, adding that was up to the organising team.

Organising team member Michi Kandler earlier this week rubbished reports they had already agreed with top stars such as U2, Whitney Houston and Madonna on performing that night.

“Jermaine Jackson is so far the only confirmed act,” Kandler stressed, adding there would be a large public viewing area somewhere in the city where fans could watch the gig free of charge on giant video screens. Tickets will be on sale from 20 August at www.tribute2009.com

Von Thomas Hochwarter

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